Defy the King – Dare to Dream


Defy the King – Dare to Dream

Utopia Oceania


  • Pacific Ocean
  • Oceania
  • Calyferne
  • North Atlantic Ridge
  • Iceland/Greenland


  • Utopia

Major Cities:

  • Reykjavik
  • Cousteau (Mobile)
  • Las Palmas
  • Midway Deeps
  • Honolulu
  • Suva

Off-Earth Colonies:

  • Europa (subsurface oceanic mobile, multiple)
  • Enceladus (subsurface oceanic mobile, multiple)

Governmental Model –

  • Technocratic oligarchy with power concentrated in the hands of a small number of super-rich technology drivers, both individual and corporate.
  • Nation is run on a not-for-profit corporate model with key stakeholders controlling seats on a national board. While the lifestyle aspirations of the Utopians are avowedly – well, utopian, those who are not prepared to get on board with the political ideals of the national board have a difficult time.
  • Policies tend to moderate to hard green – ecology, environmental sustainability and planetary recovery technology are key drivers.
  • Utopia is the only nation with northern hemisphere colonies, largely protected from the environment by either oceanic water or heavy ice shielding, to monitor the environmental impacts of the ongoing ecological collapse of the North.
  • Utopia also claims the island of Calyferne, consisting of Baja California and the western ridge of what used to be California prior to 2096, though they have little or no boots on the ground there.

Law and Order:

  • The most controlled and regimented of the three powers, with extensive penal codes, strictly enforced law and a low-to-zero tolerance for breaking the rules.
  • The most serious punishments will be reserved for those who either act in a way contrary to the nation’s interests or who do not or cannot “fit in”.

Technological Focus and Interests:

  • Utopia Oceania has little land mass outside of Greenland and Iceland, both in the dangerous northern hemisphere.
  • The majority of their concerns, and technology, focusses on sub-oceanic survival, undersea farming and undersea colonisation.
  • Their cities tend to be built around mid-ocean island chains and approximately 90% subsurface/oceanic, or in the case of their two major centres, Utopia and Cousteau, mobile and free-floating.
  • While all three powers claim extensive oceanic territory, only Utopia Oceania has the technological reach and necessary force projection to make their claim stick.
  • Utopia Oceania exports extensive food resources to both of the other major powers and is arguably the only one to have no serious internal resource issues.
  • Utopia’s primary colonisation efforts have been heavily focussed on the two subsurface oceanic moons in the outer worlds, Enceladus and Europa.
  • There are thriving subsurface colonies on both worlds. Their interests elsewhere in-system are minimal, and they send colony ships to both TRAPPIST and Gliese.

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