Defy the King – Dare to Dream


Defy the King – Dare to Dream

Event Information

Event Background

  • Click here for the event background and setting materials.


How To Book for the Event 

  • Event tickets are £ 120 – contact us to discuss instalments if required
  • Booking requests must be sent to [email protected]
  • Payment instructions will be issued by return of mail together with further information
  • Your booking is secure once a payment has been received
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Colonial Processing once booking is finalised



  • You will be asked to agree to not disclose the themes and events of the game to people who have not played until all runs are complete.
  • This is to preserve the surprises, shocks and story of Tabula Rasa for future players, nothing more.
  • If you are not prepared to agree to this condition we will, regretfully, be forced to decline your booking.



Please see below for information which may address many of the questions you have. 

If you do not see an answer to your question below, please contact [email protected] with TABULA RASA in the subject line.

  • Further information will be added here as we have it.


Tabula Rasa – Final Run – Event Run Date

  • The event will run from 3pm Saturday 9th February 2019 to event close (probably lunchtime) Sunday 10th February
  • Arrival at Bravo One from 1pm onwards


Event Location and Logistics

  • The event will run at Bravo One, the larp site of Grange Live Gaming at 93-99 Holloway Head, Birmingham B1 1QP
  • Parking close to the venue is street side and pay-as-you-go – more long term parking can be located in the city centre, a short walk away.
  • The venue is a ten minute walk from the main entrance of Birmingham New Street train station.
  • We will be on one of the upper floors – when arriving please be aware that the lower floors are in daily use for a variety of games-related activity.
  • There is a cafe open during normal hours on the ground floor for before and after the event.
  • The venue does not have any bespoke sleeping facilities – players are requested to bring their own sleeping mats, camp beds, etc. These will, insofar as it can be arranged, be set up to look like your deep space hibernation pods
  • During the first run, we declared a five hour time out overnight to allow people to sleep at a thematically appropriate moment; we omitted this for the second run. For this run we are more likely to declare a “low activity period” between 3am and 9am during which shipboard resources will be recharging. Play which does not require adjudication can continue during this period but we advise this is a good point to get some sleep.
  • Be mindful that the event may be a 24 hour run when planning your travel the next day.
  • The venue does not have a dedicated smoking area.


Briefing, Character and Situation

  • The game begins with an emergency hibernation wake up cycle. Your characters will be plunged into an unexpected crisis without the benefit of a safe de-hibernation or memory reintegration.
  • You will receive relevant information regarding your characters – keywords and themes rather than detailed briefings – several weeks before the event.
  • Background information for the setting is available on the website.
  • A small number of characters are available who have pre-written briefing material above and beyond what is available on the website. These characters will also have in-game responsibilities. If you are interested in playing one of these characters please indicate so when applying. We cannot guarantee any such character to anyone in advance.



Costume, Catering and Kit

  • We would request that players turn up to the event in basic black – something you will be comfortable in.
  • Modern clothes are fine and, in fact, suggested.
  • We will be providing Ovid-branded disposable coveralls to all players as part of their costume.
  • Food in the form of “shipboard rations” will be provided. We intend to phys-rep these with military MRE’s (meals-ready to eat) some of which will be vegetarian-suitable and with Huel, a vegan-friendly powdered instant food substitute.
    • This is, obviously, not going to be to everyone’s’ tastes. If you have specific dietary requirements beyond vegetarian or vegan please contact us and we will work something out ahead of time.
    • Whilst we will accommodate any key requirements, we would prefer you did not bring your own food in quantities that would make the shipboard scarcity scenario look unbelievable.
  • Tea, coffee and potable cold water will be available in quantity at all times. There is a hot water urn available for the players’ use but maintaining it is an in-character responsibility.


Can I Crew?

  • No. The event runs with a very small crew for reasons that will become obvious on time in.