Defy the King – Dare to Dream


Defy the King – Dare to Dream

Brazilian Federation


  • South America,
  • Caribbean,
  • West Africa,
  • Mid-and South Atlantic,
  • low earth orbit


  • Rotating; Currently Buenos Aires

Major Cities:

  • Brasilia,
  • Rio de Janiero,
  • Cuzco,
  • Panama City,
  • Dakar,
  • Libreville

Off-Earth Colonies:

  • Mars (Olympus Mons launch facility),
  • Luna (Mare Crisium),
  • Io (Orbital/mining bases),
  • Ceres (Icecap base)

Governmental Model –

  • Federation of smaller nation states with foreign, military and exploratory policy delegated upward to supra-national level.
  • Vested interests, corporate influence and a moderate to high level of corruption.
  • Policies tend to the technocratic – ethics take second place to the advancement of science in reality, even if lip service is paid to the concept of national and corporate responsibility.

Law and Order:

  • Corporate crime is taken much more seriously than low level criminality and a vibrant criminal underworld exists in most cities.
  • Crimes that invite severe punishment in the Brazilian Federation are much more likely to be white-collar – corporate espionage, hacking, embezzlement, crimes against property, etc.
  • Social or physical crime is not as likely to attract a severe penalty.

Technological Focus and Interests:

  • Of all three Sol powers, the Brazilian Federation has the most interest in, and largest capacity for, spaceflight and exploration.
  • The Federation ‘s orbital facilities easily outstrip those of everyone else combined, and the vast majority of the technology behind EM drive ships, cryostasis and memory recovery technology is produced by, controlled by or owned by Brazilian Federation companies.
  • The Federation also controls several of the key launch facilities in the inner system – from their main ground port in Guyana to the under-construction space elevator being constructed at the Olympus Mons facility on Mars.

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