Defy the King – Dare to Dream


Defy the King – Dare to Dream

The Antarctic Union


  • Antarctica
  • Australasia
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Africa
  • Indian and Antarctic Oceans


  • Erebus Mons

Major Cities:

  • Sydney
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Cape Town
  • Colombo
  • Amundsen

Off-Earth Colonies:

  • Mars (Syria Planum)
  • Mars (Polar Cap)
  • Luna (Copernicus)
  • Vesta (Hestia Maior)
  • Mimas (Orbital)
  • Enceladus (Orbital)

Governmental Model –

  • Centralised autocratic command and control by a small group of ostensibly elected officials.
  • In practice, advancement is through loyalty to the creed of and work for the advancement of the Earth Party.
  • Depending on the time and circumstances, one of the Continuity Panel will emerge as a dominant leader or rule will be by consensus.
  • ┬áRank, duty to the nation and to the planet, and species, are paramount and while there are distinct militaristic and crypto-fascist vibes to the state’s organisation, it’s internal discipline and a clear Confucian-style advancement-through-success-in-examination means there is a fair amount of movement in its internal power structures and the movement is notionally at least controlled via merit.

Law and Order:

  • This is a fascist state and the good of the many as decided by the leadership trumps individual good.
  • Law focusses on the good of the nation and the species over individual rights with a heavy focus on ecological issues.
  • Littering may be regarded more seriously than theft.
  • The AU runs a minimum state basic income for all citizens with additional perks and luxuries available for those who pursue advancement through examinations or works for the state – this makes crimes around income and money uncommon.
  • Fraud, deception and attempts to rig the system are far more harshly punished.

Technological Focus and Interests:

  • The Antarctic Union is an attempt to create a stable, functional quasi-military successor state that manages human occupation of Earth in a rational way.
  • They have abandoned the northern hemisphere as essentially unrecoverable and focus their efforts on terraforming and engineering Antarctica into a viable landmass
  • They also have extensive expertise in the engineering of large environmental structures, from major geoengineering to offworld city domes.
  • The Antarctic Union also has the most militaristic culture, with a concomitant focus on military technology.

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