Defy the King – Dare to Dream


Defy the King – Dare to Dream

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa Final Iteration

9-10 February 2019

Tabula Rasa explores themes of self, memory, identity and personality.

All colonist characters for the event will be pre-generated. Key costume elements will be provided.

Elements of the game may prove emotionally, psychologically or physically challenging

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This will be the final run of Tabula Rasa delivered by this team, and the final joint project between Carcosa Freelance and Broken Dreams LRP.

If you have been curious about previous runs, or if you have played a previous run and wish to explore a different perspective, this is your final chance…



The Year is 2235

Earth is an overcrowded, poisoned, politically riven place.

There is little or no unity, and the colonies on Luna, Mars, Enceladus and Europa all depend completely on dwindling food resources from Earth, which is polluted and strangling under the weight of a population of 21.5 billion.

The majority of the northern hemisphere is devastated by atomic and bacteriological warfare, poisoning much of the major landmasses.

Earth is split between three major political entities – the Antarctic Union, Utopia Oceania and the Brazilian Federation.

Each of these technological superpowers have their own colonies and outposts throughout the solar system – Mars, Luna, Enceladus, Europa, all carved up by nationalisms – with proxy wars fought over the petrochemical riches of Titan and the Asteroid Belt.

On earth, an uneasy peace – and occasionally a cold war – exists between the three, underpinned by an understanding the planet can bear no more grand wars.

In the mid 2100s, during a lull in the competition between the superpowers, and driven by a wave of technological advancement and a growing understanding that Earth could no longer uniquely support humanity, a joint effort was made to drive colonisation outside the Sol system, moving humanity beyond the cradle.

Initial colonisation efforts to the Gliese and TRAPPIST systems were conducted through the medium of “generation ships” – vessels that took decades to reach their destinations, and on which few if any of the launch crew lived to see the destination. Instead they hand the responsibilities for colonisation on to their children and grandchildren who had been born, grown and died aboard ship on the journey. As technology progressed, these ships were replaced by those which placed their colonists in deep hibernation, frozen for the long journey…

Tabula Rasa tells the story of the colony ship Ovidand what occurs when an unexpected emergency causes an unscheduled awakening for the crew.


 Utopia Oceania – Brazilian Federation – Antarctic Union 

Technology and Space Travel

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Feedback from players on our first run: 

Hitting the real core of science fiction: a game that uses the medium to explore deeper truths about our true nature.

Bleakly beautiful. I am so very glad I played it. I never ever want to play it again.

Horrifying catharsis, and I mean that in the most complimentary way

An emotional rollercoaster

Having a miserable time in space is fun!

This experience is hard to forget.

Expect nothing; embrace the emptiness.”

You can never go home again

Never have I wanted a quiet moment to eat my ratpack “cheese-flavour” spread more.


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