Defy the King – Dare to Dream


Defy the King – Dare to Dream


Carcosa Freelance/Broken Dreams LRP –

Returned – Run 2: 8 December 2018

A larp inspired by the short story “Hinterlands” by William Gibson

Six hundred and twenty one days ago the first piloted mission to Mars went dark.

On May 23rd 2022, under the control of Flight Major Anna Wilson the European Space Agency module Britannia broke orbit on their maiden voyage. Thirty days into the sixty day trip all communication and tracking data ceased without warning. A tragic failure the mission devoured any appetite space agencies had left for piloted space travel and all research funding was redirected into the more successful business of capturing asteroids and moving them into Earth’s orbit for mining.

Twelve hours ago at midnight GMT, the emergency life support section of the module was located in Earth’s orbit by one of these asteroid mining teams. They have reported that the module still has power but are unable to access the inside of the section to establish the status of any occupant.

​The European space agency quickly scrambles the best of the best to assist the mining team in their investigation of the module.

Hours later on the mining platform the miners are monitoring the research team as their shuttle begins its docking run. They tentatively look to one another for comfort, overwhelmed by the sense that a dark and terrible mystery awaits them in the remains of the Britannia.

Are you ready to explore what it is to be returned?


Carcosa Freelance/Broken Dreams LRP –

Tabula Rasa – Final Iteration: 9-10 February 2019


Tabula Rasa was first run in December 2017 for a bespoke audience. It has been described as “tragic, dark, beautiful and oppressive”, “a Marmite game”, and “requiring you to think hard about what a victory really is” by players who went through previous runs.

This will be the final run of Tabula Rasa produced by this team for the foreseeable future, and the final joint larp run by Carcosa Freelance and Broken Dreams LRP.

Tabula Rasa has a near-future setting, and a science-fiction background, though some of the issues it teases and questions it raises are as old as human civilisation itself.

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Broken Dreams LRP 2019 Events –

Tales from the Tenements – Paradise 101: 16 March 2019

Forsaken 7: 12-14 April 2019

Tenement 67: 15-18 August 2019

Forsaken 8: 4-6 October 2019