Endings Are the Hardest Thing To Do Right

We are in the sacred Days of Janus, and as one door closes so another opens.

For all things there is a time and a season, and the season of Carcosa Freelance has come now to an end. We have decided after due consideration to cease running any further events under the CF flag.

Wait, don’t run!

Over the last couple of years we have started co-operating more frequently with, and working more closely with Rob and Helly of Broken Dreams LARP. We have discovered we make a pretty damn good team and our skills really complement each others; and our ambitions are aligning ever more closely in terms of what we want to do.

We’ve also been talking a lot with Aquarion (of Ludistics and Odyssey LRP fame) recently about game design and theory and the good old days – and we’ve realised we all miss the thrill of being involved in a big project.

So we all get on; we all enjoy working with each other and we are all getting involved in one another’s projects to such a degree that to be honest, the next step is logical and obvious… so that’s what we have decided to do for 2019.

The five of us in parthnership are launching Carcosa Dreams – a merger between Broken Dreams LARP and Carcosa Freelance supported by Ludoistic.com.

All of our existing joint projects from BD and CF – Tabula Rasa, Forsaken, T67, Sisyphus – will continue, and will now run under the Carcosa Dreams banner with the supoport of the whole team. And keep your eyes open for a further announcement about ALBA shortly…

This website will be closing down in the near future and we will be transferring over to the new site and branding in due course. Stay tuned for further developments, but we wanted to get this out now, before the gates of the year close.

“For we have seen the face of the King, and he has taken from us the power to control or direct our dreams…”


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