Carcosa Freelance and GDPR

Hello all –

It’s the season for GDPR updates and we are no different alas.

When we set up an event, we advertise and people reach out to us to book. We don’t maintain a database of contacts; we’ve never found it necessary to do so in the past. We market via word-of-mouth and social media and don’t as a rule use email or direct contacts to market. The extent of the data we retain on a per-event basis is a name and email address, reference preferences, sometimes a photo if the event requires it.

Moving forward, we will outline in the booking process and the advertising per-event how we retain your personal data and what we use it for, and we will seek your explicit acknowledgement and permission to use it for the purposes we intend in the terms and conditions of booking.

We are in the process of deleting all historical personal data stored from previous events as a general precaution.

We take data privacy seriously and we would prefer to begin with a blank slate, and a structured approach to personal data retention in keeping with the new policies and laws associated with GDPR.

None of this should affect you – you will receieve communications from us via email as normal if you are booked onto an event.

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