After Action Report – The Returned – 4th Feb 2018

The weekend of the 4th Feb saw the Broken Dreams and Carcosa Freelance teams combine again for two very good reasons – to celebrate the birthday of Rob from Broken Dreams and to run The Returned, a one-day event based at Bravo One in Birmingham, for approximately 35 players.

I won’t give much away by saying Returned leans into a lot of classic science fiction film tropes, while also being a lot subtler than its gung-ho roots might suggest. While there’s obvious influences from the likes of Aliens, Starship Troopers and other sci-fi bottle scenarios, it also draws on films like Arrival, Solaris, 2001 and less well known films like Supernova and Event Horizon. We have learned quite a lot about how to deliver this particular event, so I expect we will schedule repeat future runs – the original plan was to run two instances back to back but I am not sure the team would be alive come Sunday night. We’re making some tweaks to see if that’s viable.

We tested out some plans around technology which will feed into the second run of Tabula Rasa and Sisyphus – some things worked better than others but the general idea all hung together pretty well!

If you are interested in future runs of The Returned drop us a mail at [email protected]