Post event – Tabula Rasa

We have just got back from Birmingham to Carcosa, through driving snow and dark, wild weather as befits the weekend we just had.

Thanks to Grange Live Gaming for the venue, to Broken Dreams for their generosity and help and last of all, to the passengers of the DY-100 colony transport Ovid.

I hope everyone got home safely through the apocalyptic weather, and that everyone finds an appropriate ending to their story.

Last of all, thanks to Hotspur for the commission. Happy Birthday!

Afyer we have made some key changes based on our analysis of this weekend, we will be planning a second run of Tabula Rasa for 2018.

++operator Newton++

++stand down human-basic AI units++

++Ovid on trajectory, colonists secure++

++engage sleep mode++

++signing off++

until next time

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