Autumn Update

There’s one thing you can say for sure about trying to get larps off the ground – there is never a dull moment, and nothing ever goes quite the way you expect it to. So here’s a round-up of the news from the past few weeks…

Rocky Horror

Lets get the bad news out of the way first – the Rocky Horror Larp which we were providing story and background for is, for the moment, shelved. The indiegogo didn’t make target, so the event won’t run as originally planned.

It’s a shame – that castle was amazing. But very, very expensive…

Although we did a lot of preparatory groundwork on the project, we were waiting to see whether the project would be funded before we embarked on the real slog of character and story design – so we have come out of it with a lot of possible material for a future B-movie or 50’s retro sci fi themed event.

It’s also opened up a writing window for us between now and January and as you will see, we are merrily filling it with projects.

It’s a shame the project didn’t fly and I feel very bad for the people at Dziobak and especially Avalon, for whom this was a real passion project, and who did the bulk of the hard work of getting us to this point – but nothing is ever wasted. Keep watching the skies.


Partnership with Broken Dreams LRP

Tony and I have found that we work well with Rob and Helly at Broken Dreams and we have a lot of themes and interests in common, so we will be running more games in partnership with them both before and after The Sisyphus. Both teams will also continue to run events under their own banners – but now and then we will come together to do something one-off.


Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa is a commissioned game running in December of this year – but we are ready now to scope out any interest from players for additional runs in 2018. Take a look at the event pages and the players guide for more information.

The game runs with around thirty – it could scale up a little from there. If we have enough interest we will look to schedule further runs.


The Sisyphus

We are in advanced planning on Sisyphus and there should be notifications coming out soon which will contain some material to get players “in the mood”. We did a big planning weekend on the event last weekend and we are very excited for it.



This is a one-day event, run twice o consecutive days in February – planning for this is at an early stage. Keep an eye on the Broken Dreams facebook group for more info.


Future Projects

Dead Air is a notional return to the old NWO Games Ars Magica freeforms – though there may be some design changes and twists in the tail there. This is starting to crystallise in our heads now – there’s a lot of early design work to be done before we get anywhere and this may not hit a 2018 mark, but it’s moved from “hypothetical” to “I want to do this”.

More Light was the alternative idea to Tabula Rasa for the commissioned game, and was ruled out as too complex for the timeframe and budget. This is a passion project for me, as anyone who recognises the origin of the title will understand. There’s no timeframe on this – we are looking for the perfect venue, and when we find it, we will likely move quite quickly. This is unlikely to be a cheap game to stage or execute, and we may go to Kickstarter for funding.

Untitled Lundy Project is the thing that got this entire enterprise going and is still percolating away, but at present it has no target rundate. This is a very big undertaking, would require a whole-island booking probably 18 months in advance and therefore requires that we have the funds to do so. This, again, is likely to be a kickstarter or indiegogo project.