Site Visit – Zamek Moszna

So we have just returned from a planning meeting/site visit to Zamek Moszna, in Lower Silesia, a lovely part of Poland where you cannot walk for five miles without tripping over a fairy tale castle. Get a load of this.

The location will of course be familiar to any past players of Dziobak Larp Studio’s Fairweather Manor game, themed on Downton Abbey, but is largely unknown to UK larpers.

We are providing story support, narratology and event delivery to a joint Dziobak/Avalon Corporation event which will be running here very soon.

I am not going to post any of the interior pictures we took but take my word for it – it’s bigger (and better) on the inside than the outside.

We’re hoping to be able to discuss the project a bit more soon.

In the meantime, here is a skeleton in a turret window.