Project Updates – May 2017

Hello all –

Just a quick update today to let you know where we are with general progress.

  • Updates are slowly rolling out across the website as we move to a more event-oriented model. Some pages have changed already, others will be coming onstream soon.
  • The Broken Dreams team are a wee bit busy with their award-winning Forsaken  game this weekend, but we have a meeting scheduled to discuss the specifics around Tabula Rasa soon – background material is well underway and an event structure forming.
  • Development work for our contribution to the February 2018 European game is well underway – we’re hoping that the production team will be ready to announce in June. A lot of background research is going on that involves some terrible films.
  • We will be doing some site visits to promising locations over the summer (for Dead Air and More Light) so there may be more news on possible changes to our plans as things evolve.

More as we have it!